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[Rings Around Saturn] is a timeless tune...beautifully sung and beautifully captured...a delicate and thoughtful piece that showcases a tremendous, characterful vocal Chris Porter (Stereostickman-July 2019)

When I first discovered Marion and her music I was blown away by the song-writing and you will be too - Ron Olesko (WFDU 89.1 Traditions and Creator of “The Folk Music Notebook”-November 2018)

Halliday and her band bring together their diverse talents to create an enticing blend of indie, folk, and bluegrass musical styles, with lush vocal harmonies over-top - John Gage (WFPK 91.9 P-Feb 2017)

Marion Halliday shows her talents in a traditional way, taking cues from her predecessors like Peter, Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger, Odetta, Joan Baez and others that sought to use their musical talents to convey and communicate a new way of thinking, to bring a message of hope to those that felt hopeless. As in her song “Thoughts and Prayers” she tackles the highly emotionally charged issue of the unnecessary loss of life happening in our world, but not by pointing a finger of blame, but by extending her hand in love and understanding, her songs are miraculous, her voice is a new beacon of peace in this troublesome time . . .  her music [is] inspiring and life affirming" - Joe Timmons (IndiePulse-July 2019)

Falcon Ridge, Pirate Camp Showcase, August 2019 (thanks to Janice Brill for this picture)

Falcon Ridge, Pirate Camp Showcase, August 2019 (thanks to Janice Brill for this picture)

Awards & achievements

Album Artwork created by Bob Halliday (Marion's father)

Album Artwork created by Bob Halliday (Marion's father)



2019:  Marion released her debut solo album Rings Around Saturn on July 1, 2019 and in its first month, both the album and Marion (as artist) were ranked #3 on the US/International Folk DJ charts (data compiled by Folk Alliance International) .  In November of 2019, Marion appeared in a juried 'Semi-Formal Showcase' at the invitation of the  Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference in Stamford Connecticut.

 2018:  In January Marion was named "One of the Ones to Watch" by the Nashville Songwriters' Association International. Several singles she released that Spring were also selected by several DJs for their ‘end of year/best of’ picks shows. In November 2018, Marion was chosen by Ron Olesko of WFDU to be a featured performer at the highly-regarded NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase.  Marion was a finalist in the Best of Philly Live competition and won honors as runner up in the Folk/Country Category.


Marion's Music

Marion Halliday, a native Kentuckian now living in Philadelphia PA, is proud purveyor of her own special blend of bluegrass and bourbon-infused, original, women-powered, Americana.

Marion has found great inspiration in the history of her new home-town, writing a range of songs that touch on Philly’s rich and varied past. This includes songs about an escaped convict from Eastern State Pen, the forlorn beauty of Laurel Hill Cemetery, the statue to the Lenape in Wissahickon Park, and the revolutionary war memorial at Washington Square, among others. Through her "Philly Songs Project," Marion is available for special programs in schools and organizations around Philly that might wish to have her share with audiences interesting and historical tales through the medium of her beautiful, Philly-oriented original music.

Marion has also written songs on more universal, contemporary topics such as domestic abuse, gun violence, suicide, and the scourge of heroin and meth addiction ravaging our country. Lastly, Marion’s music also includes amusing reflections on the challenges of relationships, as well as an abiding love of bourbon.

Backstage WFPK Kentucky Homefront (Feb 2017)

Backstage WFPK Kentucky Homefront (Feb 2017)

Marion's Band - Trickster Sister

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