Marion Halliday (Songwriter; Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals), Peter Farrell (Piano), Meghan Cary, Irene Lambrou, Lisa Jeanette (Backing Vocals), Jim Salamone (Bass & Whistles) & Todd MeCaughey (Whistles)



V1-Said the farmer to his son,
when the planting was just begun
"That fallow field so parched and brown,
soon will be green and fertile ground.
With a little rain, and a little sun,
and a little help from everyone-
good things will come" Ref: Good things will come

V2-Said the blackbird to the wren,
"See the fox hunting that ole' hen?
Let’s make some noise, let’s make some sound,
so the hen will know that he's around."
So with cheerful chirps and beating wings,
they did their part to save their friend,
so good things come. (Ref)

V3-See the woman on the city bus?
She chose to sit for all of us.
Or the courage of a single man,
who simply kneels while others stand.
It’s no small act, this humble thing,
when it’s the spark to start the flame,
so good things come. (Ref)