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Starting point of this song is based on a true event in Marion's life when she was bitten by a copperhead snake in the mountains of Virginia. And, yes, the snake actually left a fang in her leg . . .


By Marion Halliday 2015 - All rights reserved

V1 - I was walking in the tall grass, sweltering in the heat,
Eyes on the trail ahead, not looking at my feet -
Never had a warning, only felt the sting.

V2 - When I stopped to take a look, imagine my surprise
A snake put a fang in me - but he paid a heavy price
They say a snake that loses a fang, he'll surely lose his life.
I don't know why, but I'll keep walking in that tall grass

V3 - Go to school and get a job, then become someone's wife.  
In 20 years or so, find you need a different life.  
Time to make a change and go walking in that tall grass  
. . . I don't know why but I'll keep walking in that tall grass
Break: Without that snake, Eve might be in that garden still-
Naked and dumb, blind to her free will. One bite of an apple, one step into the wild -
I left that garden and I kept on walking in that tall grass for a while.
V. 4 - I'm the kinda girl who likes to wander off the beaten path -
Maybe get a little lost or maybe just not come back.
I might meet a snake or two but I'll keep walking in that tall grass. ..I don't know why but I'll keep walking . . .