Philly Songs Project

Marion has written on a range of historical and social topics inspired by her adopted hometown of Philly (and surrounding PA) including Eastern State Pen, Laurel Hill Cemetery, and the Statue to the Lenape at Wissahickon Park. Several of these Philly songs were on Marion's  2017 EP as well as her most recent 2019 LP,  RINGS AROUND SATURN.  

If you are seeking a truly unique yet also informative  Philly-oriented musical experience, that weaves together history, story-telling and beautiful vocal and guitar artistry, then reach out to Marion to arrange for her to come play for your organization.  Below are some of these Philly-inspired songs.

IF STATUES COULD SPEAK inspired by the statue to the Lenape in Wissahickon Park. Special thanks to the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape tribe for assistance in the correct pronunciation and usage of the phrases that end this song.  They ask that you remember 'they are still here.'  For more information, go to their website at  This single, released in 2018, is included on Marion's debut solo album, RINGS AROUND SATURN, released in 2019.  Go to HERE for the full lyrics.

RESTING ON LAUREL HILL - inspired by Philadelphia's Laurel Hill Cemetery and the death of a child that led to the cemetery's founding.  From a 2016 performance at Lettersong Gallery in Louisville, KY.
The studio recording for this song is available on Marion and the Band's debut EP Walking in Tall Grass (Fall 2017). Go HERE for the full lyrics.

LOST THINGS- inspired by the eternal flame memorial to 3,000 revolutionary war soldiers buried anonymously in Philadelphia's Washington Square Park. Performed at a  2017 Hurricane Benefit, Louisville, KY.  
The studio recording for this song is available on Marion and the Band's debut EP Walking in Tall Grass (Fall 2017). Go HERE for the full lyrics.

STILL BURNING- This song's starting point is the 1962 Centralia PA Coal Mine fire, which still burns today and has made the town unlivable.  The song ultimately reflects on the societal calamity of addiction and homelessness.
This is the very rough demo of the song; the studio version is on RINGS AROUND SATURN released in 2019. Go HERE for the full lyrics.