Marion Halliday (Songwriter; Electric Guitar, Lead Vocals), Peter Farrell (Keys), Jim Salamone (2d Electric Guitar), Todd MeCaughey (Bass), Meghan Cary and Lisa Jeanette (Backing Vocals)-Written a couple weeks after the mass school shooting at Stoneman Douglas, and for a benefit Marion and the Band played in Kentucky to raise money for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense



Another day, another headline.
Another school, more children have died.
Just one more, like the last.
Just one more, they come too fast.
Thoughts and prayer, don't mean a thing.
Thoughts and prayers, won't lead to change.
Thoughts and prayers-its just a game.

Another day, but the story's the same.
Another school, a new list of names.
More victims to demonize,
same narrative cloaked in lies, their lies…

Thoughts for the children who want to live,
And prayers that they forgive
all the ways we've let them down;
And pray, pray for change
. . .to the laws that keep us safe;
. . . to the people we elect;
. . . to the hearts of those who lead;
. . . to the companies that make us bleed.