"It would be very easy to make comparisons to both The Staves and First Aid Kit ... [Rings Around Saturn] is a timeless tune...beautifully sung and beautifully captured...a delicate and thoughtful piece that showcases a tremendous, characterful vocal" Chris Porter (Stereo Stickman-July 2019)


Marion Halliday, a native Kentuckian now living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  is proud purveyor of her own special blend of bluegrass and bourbon-infused, original, women-powered, Americana. While a highly regarded singer for many years, and lead singer in several bands, Marion only began focusing on performing her original music in 2016.  

Marion released her debut solo album Rings Around Saturn on July 1, 2019, and, in that first month, both the album and Marion (as artist) were ranked #3 on the US/International Folk DJ charts (data compiled by Folk Alliance International-FAI).  Marion also had two songs in the top 10 that month as calculated by FAI.  Marion's music has remained on the charts every month since.  The album was included by FAI in its  'Top Albums of 2019' list.

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