From the recording Just Love In The End

This song, written shortly before the pandemic, but not completed for release until end of 2021, speaks to what it is to be human. To experience life’s myriad tragedies and triumphs, knowing ultimately . . . It. Will. All. END. Moving from a dreamy instrumental start, thru a building mid-section, to an anthemic, uplifting outro, I borrowed thematically from Dylan Thomas in the final lyrics: We may scream and fight ‘that quiet good night’ but it’s just love in the end that matters.


V1 - Sink or I’ll swim, there’s only one choice- dive in in the end 
Bitter and sweet, they make life complete-take both in the end 
Hands into fists, or simply persist, it my choice in the end 
No axes to grind, no ‘their side or mine’, it’s my way in the end,
Well it’s my way in the end, my way in the end 

V2 - The game will run out, without any doubt-can’t win, can’t win in the end 
My ups and my downs are nothing profound-it’s just life, just life in the end
If I laugh till I cry and live till I die, that’s a good run, good run in the end 
Until it’s my time I’ll drink some more wine, and sing to the end,
Oh I’ll sing to the end, I’ll sing to the end 

Break: La-da-dah . . . I’ll sing to the end 

V3 - Why are some cursed, with only the worst-God knows, God knows in the end 
We scream and we fight that quiet goodnight, but can’t hide, can’t hide in the end 
I’ll pray to the last, when this life is passed, for a new turn, new turn in the end 
What lies above, I hope that its love, just love in the end. . .