Marion Halliday (Songwriting; Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals), Brad Hinton (Electric Guitar), Jane Halliday (Fiddle, Backing Vocals), Donna Bostock (Bass, Percussion, Backing Vocals), Jim Salamone (Drums); Peter Farrell (keys)


Marion Halliday 2016 - all rights reserved

V1 - I'm sorry that I'm happy alone, I don't need to run when you call my phone; I'm sorry for nothing at all that your pissed as hell I'm having it all; I'm sorry that you were a shit, no surprises there - It must be hard to admit that I no longer care.
V2 - Well I'm sorry that you're all alone and you want me back now that I'm gone; I'm sorry I have no regrets, and you haven't heard the best of it yet; I'm sorry , well that isn't true I've never been happier since I left you; I'm sorry, it sounds so absurd, but you lied to me with every single word.

Break - Why is it always so, the words some people use are so hollow? Like the time you once said, without me you'd better off dead.

V 3 - I'm sorry but its a matter of fact, I've moved along and I'm not looking back; I'm sorry but just to be clear I'm doing great without you here; I'm sorry I've said all I can now I'm looking for the right kind of man; I'd wish you well but I'd rather not lie - its okay with me if you crawled off to die.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry (she's not). . .