Marion Halliday (songwriter; Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals), Donna Bostock (Bass, Percussion, Backing Vocals), Jane Halliday (Fiddle, Backing Vocals), Brad Hinton (Lap Steel Guitar)


Marion has created a music video for this song that is a series of paintings done by her father, the artist Bob Halliday - check the video out here at


We'd tie the boat and trim the sail,
then cast the anchor in.
We’d watch the tide roll out and back,
jump off the pier to swim.
Cedar boards, iron nails, make a dock quite strong.
But even things built straight as rail, can bend and warp with time.

Can't sing when I'm crying,
can't love when I'm lying,
can't live when I'm dying-
there's a time to sing, to love, to live again.

The lobster traps at low tide lie orphaned in the sand.
But the moon's relentless pull will cover them again.
The wind and surf drown out the sound; I smile, you look away.
Some splintered wood is all that's left of the dock where we once played. (Ref)

The tide will change everything;
from wooden docks to childhood dreams.
Don't fight that surf you're drowning in,
just ride it till you reach the shore again. (Ref)