Irish-y ditty inspired by a lovely spot near Marion's home in Fairmount Park area of Philadelphia (part of Marion's Philly Song Series Project).

Marion Halliday (songwriter; Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals), Peter Farrell (Piano), Donna Bostock (Bass, Backing Vocals), Jane Halliday (Fiddle, Backing Vocals), Jim Salamone (Drums, Percussion)* Song is part of Marion’s ‘Philly Song Series Project’, where she has written a number of songs inspired by a Philadelphia-area historic event or location. More on this project can be found at Marion’s website at



There’s a boy up on Lemon Hill,
if I can’t catch him, nobody will.
A little bit sassy, little bit sweet,
tastiest morsel you ever did meet.
Six foot two and hair so dark-
It’s no wonder he would break my heart.
Cho: Hey dilly, dilly, and a derry, derry oh, hey dilly, dilly and a derry, derry oh

That brawny lad, by the name of Will,
lived in a house on top of Lemon Hill.
I followed him home and gave him a kiss
but Molly Bloom wasn’t happy with this.
A little bit brassy and long in the tooth.
What she couldn’t win was mine to lose. (Cho)

Well I caught me the boy up on Lemon Hill.
He spent all my money, can’t pay a bill.
All he gave to me is a babe to raise
and heartache to last all of my days.
So I gave him the boot o’er to Molly Bloom-
now that pair can sing this tune. (Cho)