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I hope you are all well.  I’ve missed in-person connections with so many of you at festivals, music conferences and the like.  Like you, I’m sure it's been a very challenging year filled with anxiety, sadness, disorientation. That said, maybe it's also been a time for reflection and reordering of your life, as it has been for me?  I surely hope so.

An interesting and perhaps not-surprising aspect of these very gloomy times has been the impact on my songwriting.  The events of recent months have made me think a lot about the 'Dark Ages' (whether its 2020 or 1020).   Click HERE for a video of my newest song, The Measure, released earlier this week, that dials into this feeling.  I predict this song may be the only one in your play list this holiday season that has a viola da gamba as a featured instrument - thanks to my sister Jane for her beautiful work on that part!  (Oh, and while you are at it, PLEASE  consider subscribing to my youtube channel - apparently having a good number of youtube subscribers is a 'thing' in this music biz and your subscription will help me in that respect!)
I'm pleased that  this new song was included in a just-released compilation of seasonal music put out by my friend, Matthew Gordon.  The entire album features original music by Philly artists and you can download the album on Bandcamp HERE.  I guarantee you will LOVE the music and, better still, ALL proceeds from the sale of the album are going to a couple of worthy Philly charities.
Thats all for now - looking forward to when I next write to you AFTER the start of 2021 and when (hopefully, maybe. . . ) the world will be looking a bit brighter.  Wishing you all the best, and continued health and peace - much love, Marion


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