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  1. We Are The Change


V1-What harm can one man do?
Go ask the Cambodians or the Polish Jew,
the harm one man can do.

V2-When lies become the truth.
It hurts everyone and the weak can be abused,
When lies become the truth.

V3-How long till we raise our voice?
Till they come for our brothers? Or our sisters too?
Or maybe me and you?

Br-Beyond all the lies and hate,
we must listen with our hearts.
If we do, we might find,
truth behind the noise, a place to make a start.

V4-What good can we each do?
Go ask Nelson Mandela or maybe Rosa too,
the good we each can do.

V5-What change can we create?
Doesn't matter-big or small, just start it right now,
the change we will create We are the change...