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  1. Greening time


(Ref) Greening time, greening time, seasons march round and round,
then you come to find your way back to the greening time.

V1-For the harvest to be good
you must trim back the wood.
Mind well as you cut
not to damage the tender buds.
If your blade is clean and sharp,
it might cut right to the heart.
Make each stroke carefully
and after a time you will see.
The buds open wide come the greening time,
and later the fruit will spill from the vine-
it makes you glad for the greening time. (Ref)

V2-We knelt together in the sun,
our planting had just begun.
We told ourselves as we sowed
that these plants would always grow.
With sun and rain, we'd be good,
but sun can burn ,rain can flood.
Sometimes nature plays a trick,
you don't get what you would pick.
Then you find yourself alone in the debris,
and acres of wasted crop all you see.

Br-Now I'm bent and stiff as wood, but I'm hoping I still could
Brush the soil from my knees and rise up again strong and green . . . (Ref)