A walk on the shore watching the low tide.


V1 - We'd tie the boat and trim the sail, then cast the anchor in-Watch the tide roll out and back, jump off the pier to swim.
Cedar boards, iron nails, make a dock quite strong. But even things built straight as rail, can bend and warp with time.

REF: Can't sing when I'm crying, can't love when I'm lying, can't live when I'm dying, there's a time to sing, to live, to love again.

V2 - The lobster traps at low tide lie orphaned in the sand. But the moon's relentless pull will cover them again.
The wind and surf drown out the sound; I smile, you look away. Some splintered wood is all that's left of the dock where we once played.

Bridge: The tide will change everything; from wooden docks to childhood dreams. Don't fight that surf you're drowning in, just ride it till you reach the shore again.