Musical Lairs

Villanova, PA (contact host at

Musical Lairs is one of Philly's longest-running (27 years) and most esteemed house-concert programs. The program is so well regarded that, over time, its developed a long list of favorites, which also means, its harder for newer artists to break into the Musical Lairs’ lineup. That said, I'm thrilled that they have invited me to play in one of their only open slots this year for a new artist. I'll be bringing lots of NEW originals to this show; as well as also dragging along dear friends and musical collaborators, Meghan Cary and Peter Farrell. In addition to providing some lovely backing vocals and instrumentation for my music, we will also be sharing a couple of tunes related to our new project - Tangled Humans. - WHEN: Saturday, February 25. Doors open at 6:30. Music begins promptly at 7:00. - WHERE: Lee Bowers’ home in Villanova. Directions provided with reservation (required); email Lee at - OTHER: Suggested contribution to the artist: $ 25 per person. - COVID PROTOCOLS: vaccinations are required; masks are encouraged, but not required, and participating in shared finger-food (as in, does need utensils) at the break is optional.