Meghan Cary and Marion Halliday - Live from the Front Porch

Meghan's Front porch

In preparation for our Live-to-Vinyl NYC tour, Marion Halliday is teaming up with Meghan Cary, Peter Farrell, and Bob Beach to stream live from Meghan's front porch!! During this "superband set" we'll be swapping songs, backing each other up, and creating some musical magic that can only happen when playing together live and in person....we can't wait!! Join us online at, or, if you are vaccinated and feeling good, message Meghan or Marion for details and a spot on the lawn! This is a "pay-what-you-will" event. If you'd like to support the artists with a donation, you can do that at (please choose "friends and family" so all your generosity goes to the artists not the platform) or VENMO (@ meghancary)