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Happy Spring To Each Of You!

I hope where ever this message finds you, that you and all your loved ones are gathered 'round looking upon each other's smiling faces mask-free again; that you are all enjoying a sun-filled and joyous day; and that the gentle fragrance of Spring is infusing the air around you with the joy of new beginnings. I am grateful to say that is how my days are rolling, now that things are starting to feel like Spring again in terms of the world around me -  well, at least the world in my immediate vicinity. The larger world. the one we are all seeing in horrifying display on our t.v.s, is beyond concerning and my heart breaks for those suffering in all the war-torn and conflict-ridden places on this planet.  I'm expecting you all feel much the same. Praying for peace for those in harm's way in these conflicts and that Spring can bring the promise of hope and lives lived without suffering for ALL people.

A couple of shows to announce:

SUNDAY MARCH 27 7 PM - SZALON IN PHILADELPHIA:  Join me for a beautiful program of music and artistry at the SZALON, hosted by the incomparable Andrea Clearfield.  This Szalon features artists from around the U.S. and Canada performing music for flute, saxophone, guitar, piano, bass and voice. The program also includes visual arts and dance. This program will be offered both live-in-person in Philly and also online via Zoom-link here - More information about the program can be found here- attend in person at one of the limited seats in Andrea's Philly loft, RSVP by sending your vaccination card to Georgette Hamaty at

THURSDAY APRIL 7 - PHILLY SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND AT PHILADELPHIA FOLKSONG SOCIETY: I am beyond thrilled to be part of a stellar line up of songwriters - with Aaron Nathans, Avi Wisnia, and Ethan Pierce - at the PFS venue. First such show in over two years so all the more exciting to have YOU be part of it. PFS asks that all concert-goers please provide proof of vaccination at the door. The show starts at 7:00; doors at 6:30. More info at; Tix available soon at

You can keep up with all my adventures on my Facebook page.  And, if you aren't already following me on Spotify or Youtube, I would love if you would do so. And, click here to see a short video of music Sister Jane and I shared over the weekend in honor of St. Patric's Day.

Meantime, as Good Things WILL Come surely as the Spring comes from Winter, please enjoy the attached free download!  Wishing you all the best - Marion


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